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Friday, July 14, 2006

So this guy from Rattle magazine sends me an e-mail saying he wants the internet address of my blog or website because he plans to list it in the magazine when Rattle publishes one of my poems next fall.

I shipped him the old http://writeright.blogspot.com with some reservation, seeing as how I hadn’t posted anything on Writeright since March and that screed was the first in quite a while. I guess I should put some more recent stuff on here to justify Rattle’s attempt to promo my red hot and rolling literary career.

Funny how old Writeright evolved. Or maybe not, given that its evolution reflects my personality in so many ways, not all of them positive. Writeright began out of curiosity -- I’d read and heard about blogs, my oldest son created one to rant about baseball, music and literature, I wondered what it would be like to operate one. I started Writeright and initially found it intriguing, amusing, entertaining. Then I wondered what it would be like to produce a blog entry every day, sort of like a daily newspaper column (I used to write a weekly one), and I decided to pursue that idea. That turned Writeright into a challenge, as I scrambled to come up with fresh material (how many times can you write “today I got up, ate breakfast, ate lunch, ate dinner and soon I will go to bed”?), resisted distractions (movies, ballgames, TV, etc.) and setbacks (colds, flu, back aches, pulled groin muscle, surgeries for family members, funeral trips, etc.) and struggled to produce literature in my Real Job as poet/fictionwriter at the same time. The challenge became, as challenges so often do for me, a burden. And the burden became a problem. And the problem bummed me out. And I solved it, or at least backburnered it, by gradually pulling the plug. First I quit writing blog entries daily. Then I quit worrying about posting once a week. Then I quit thinking about Writeright at all, pretty much.

So . . . now Rattle wants to plug my blog. And that means I should put something new on it. This is new entry number one. No problem, right?

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